Vaal Cosmetics

The client

Vaal Cosmetics is a simple and effective way to remove unwanted hair resulting in silky smooth skin.

The requirements

A new cosmetic brand required an identity to represent a product like no other available on the market to date. Being a new business, stationary, marketing literature and a website was also required.

The solution

The identity created includes delicate detail representing the fine hair like qualities; yet still obtaining a 'crest like' formation to portray the prestigious of the brand and product. The colour palette selected creates a fresh feel referring to the result of the treatment. An informative brochure was designed for print. A photoshoot was arranged enabling us to create an extensive range of imagery used within the compilation and to be used in the future keeping the continuity throughout the brand.

The response

Being a 'gold dust' product, the brand is set to grow at rapid speeds to which Sira Concepts will have full control of the Design & Marketing Internationally. Vaal Cosmetics have since developed a hair growth formula that will also be branded and developed by Sira Concepts.