The client

The Model's Portal is a company whose ethos it is to encapsulate the fashion world and bring it to the fulcrum. Their aim is to bring together International models, established photographers, experienced make-up artists, stylists, graphic designers, designers, fashion house, etc.

The requirements

A corporate ident press kit and business cards were required for a range of their corporate wings; TMP creative agency and TMP Models. They also commissioned us to do their promotional flyers for direct customer marketing

The solution

Having various branches to their successful establishment, a double-sided business card was designed to in keep with the diverse company brands. A simple design was created featuring the works of TMP showing their progressive potential. Using a dark background enhances the already powerful imagery.

The response

Following the success of that project we were asked to style a shoot from concept to image working from a brief that consisted of just the poetry and the time period. Perfectly styling the models in all the original clothes, jewellery and accessories completed the strong visuals that were required.

Fashion + Art = Love is an artistic interpretation of poetry through fashion and art. The poem, 'I am Cleopatra, You are Marc Anthony, Love is our Caesar' acts as the caveat to produce striking and memorable imagery.

Our Art has been selected to be present at THE BIG ART AFFAIR...

The Big Art Affair aims to provide an innovative and exciting forum for contemporary and modern art presenting a diverse range of works for sale by young professional emerging artists. We will have our own stand for art consumption by the public, as well as being displayed alongside some of the UK's best artists.