Sira Racing

The client

Sira Racing is an International Racing Team that has participated in Karting & Rally's Worldwide. Taking part since the rebirth of the Rally in 2003, they are determined to better their position each time. Racing against the World Champions through unexpected weather conditions; it's challenging enough to even complete the race.

The requirements

Being a new organisation, Sira Racing required a complete new brand identity and website.

The solution

An identity was created to portray strength, speed and movement; an association to motorsport. The combination of strong typography has been angled to implement speed whilst separating 'racing' affiliates a tyre track. Sponsorship plays a huge part in motorsport, making it vital investors view a site that informative and visually appealing. The minor use of animation on the home page and enhancement of the already powerful images accumulates interest.

The response

Sira Concepts detains full control of the brand maximising it to the fullest. Material including press releases, stationery, merchandise and vehicle branding is designed according to each individual event. Continuing their experience and aptitude, Sira Racing have and will continue to be documented by some of the World's most famous journalists and photographers. Again, the event will gain extensive coverage on DSTV, which is broadcast throughout Africa and the Middle East in addition to worldwide newspapers and magazines. The new site will be launched early next year.